At The Cross Keys our aim is to provide and promote the best of local produce from the West Country. Real ales from Small Breweries and Local Farmhouse Ciders are always on offer here.


We insist that our meats, fish & vegetable produce have the smallest  possible carbon footprint and best quality and freshness. Whenever we can we source our produce directly from local small farms and suppliers.


• Local rare breed Pedigree Pork ‘Oxford sandy and black’ is reared 2 miles away.

• Our Lamb comes straight from a local farmer where the lambs are reared only 1 mile away.


• ‘Best local butcher’ and master butcher  Andrew Barclay delivers 6 days a week.


Fish and seafood ‘from port to plate’ our supplier was voted

'Britains best fish supplier' they deliver fresh fish 6 days a week. Caught and delivered the same morning!


• Our West Country vegetable supplier brings us fresh fruit and vegetables 7 days a week to our doorstep.


Farmhouse Cheeses are supplied locally 


• All Breads on our lunchtime and evening menus are made in house